Saturday, April 16, 2005

How the day changes

how fast the day changes. now it is sunny and blue skys. things are drying off quite nicely. i can now type with out having to wipe down the key board every few seconds. this Inspiron 1000 can take a lot of abuse. rain, dropping it, smashing it into walls and doors, as well as being out side for over 100 days. sorry i'm sounding like an ad. i'll stop now. only a few more weeks! any thing i should blog about e-mail me.

I also would love to hear your story about camping out for star wars. I'm thinking about writing a book about this and would love hear for you guys.


I'm getting thrashed by the rain today. every thing is wet. sleeping bag, shoes, sofa, me and my laptop. it looks like it's going to break here soon. I hope every one has there tickets to the cinerama. It's not looking good for an opening day star wasrs IMAX. that sucks. you wait at one of the best theaters is the country and you don't get to see star wars there.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Yes, I'm still Waiting at the IMAX

I'm still waiting here at the IMAX.

How I got Tickets for the Cinerama

Tickets went on sale yesterday at the Cinerama. I got the call from Ken around 3:50. I took of running down to the Cinerama. I was about half way there when two men moving a sofa into an apartment where taking up the entire sidewalk. I didn’t have time to go around, and these are star wars ticket and seconds mater. Over the sofa I want like the old days of high school track no stutter step, three perfect strides. Seconds later I was at the Ticket Booth, out of breathe the only words I could say was can i still get tickets for 12:01. Moments later I had pure gold in my hands tickets for star wars.

Tickets at the CINERAMA

Ticket are on sale now at the CINERAMA.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

FAQ for Julie

FAQ for Julie

How do you blog?
-I have wireless Internet here at the Pacific Science Center

How do you go potty?
-I use the restroom just like a big boy. Also see questions of the ages post on the blog.

How do you get food?
-Delivery it is amazing who will deliver to a sofa on the sidewalk. But you must tip well;-)

What if you’re not first in line? It is about the wait. But it would suck if I waited this long and wasn’t

Do you have an apartment? Yes I’ll have an apartment in May.

How do you make money? I work form the line. A cell phone and a laptop is all you need to work these days.

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) @ the star wars wait

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) @ the star wars wait

Cristina T & Phil

Cristina T & Phil thank you very much for your donations:-) Phil i loved yours very much "mayor abuse" nice one. again thank