Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sidewalk living

You’re sidewalk living & the Star Wars line is get to long. So you start walking backwards till that count down day. & Midnight seems so far away. Your padwan tail starts dripping from the rain. Your light saber starts slipping, as down goes the day. Your thoughts of Naboo turn to bums & trash can alleys. The sky starts a pouring & lights start a flashing. You minutes of fun turn to hours of scorn. & You say no one told me it was going to turn out this way. You start getting chills for the hours of wet. You start looking for something that you haven’t found yet. Your knee deep in Dagobah water with the whole world a stairin’. Your good gal left & has long gone a flyin’. Your heart feels sick like when you see Obi-Won diein’. You’re freaked out & your sprit is taxed. & You think it might not show at the IMAX.