Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Morning Sidewalk

Waking up on a Sunday morning sidewalk; wish lord that I was home. I got very little sleep last night. Thanks to all the high school kids on their prom night, Screaming and shouting and generally causing a ruckus. Left me with little to no sleep for the past few days. I will say this; I couldn’t take my eye of the Warwick for about 8 hours. It was a cross between girls gone wild and the OC. Guy yelling and wanting to fight each other for the honor of their dates; who could have cared less about this, because they where to busy flash every one who walk by on the streets. Bet TV ever.
On another note the rumor about not being able to camp out is just not true so come on down. If you have any questions about when to line up please stop on by.
Four days till and republic falls and an empire will rise.
Vader baby, Vader.