Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Late Night Thougts

Your thoughts grow twisted and, your body goes numb. You start thinking that your too old or to young too smart or too dumb. You start to get this feeling that your falling be hind is this social pod race. Your drink isn’t filled to the top and you have no idea when you should have stopped. You try to scratch your way trying to get to the top. But you end up on the bottom of an empty glass. Try to reach a better class and making your self and greater ass. So you start thinking about changing your mind, but you don’t get your self in line. So you fold three kings to the four-card flush, and you don’t know if it was a bluff. So you keep moving on. Never to know what you’re doing might be wrong. Socially owned and spiritually ungrown and never to be know. So you go to work or to the temple of own, or to Jeff Tweiten at the IMAX or Chelsea Simmons at the Dome. Our all of us when the lights go down episode three, Vader.

To Learn mor about Chelsea Quest to save the Dome go to http://savedome.cjb.net