Thursday, April 27, 2006

Last Words on John Guth

When yer thoughts grow twisted and yer mind gets numb
When you think you're too old, too young, too smart or too dumb
When yer laggin' behind an' losin' yer pace
In a slow-motion crawl of life's social pod-race
No matter what yer doing and you start givin' up
If the whiskey doesn't come to the top of yer cup
If the wind's got tent goin’ sideways with one hand holdin' on
And the other starts slipping and the feeling is gone
And yer heater needs a new spark to catch it
And but yer lazy to fetch it
And yer sidewalk starts bendin' and the line gets too long
And you start walkin' backwards though you know its wrong
And lonesome comes up as down goes the day
And midnight seems so far away
And you feel the rain from yer padawan tail starts drippin'
And yer light saber is a-slippin'
And yer thought of Naboo turn to broken down slums and trash-can alleys
And yer sky cries water and drain pipe's a-pourin'
And the Cinerama lights are a-flashing and the trash cans are a-crashin'
And the tent walls are flapin' and breakin' and the roof tops a-shakin'
And yer whole world's a-slammin' and bangin'
And yer minutes of fun turn to hours of scorn
And to yourself, you sometimes say
"I never thought it was gonna be this way
Why didn't they tell me the day I got in line"
And you start gettin' chills from the hours of wet
And you're lookin' for somethin' you ain't quite found yet
And yer knee-deep in the Dagobah with yer hands in the air
And the whole world's a-watchin' with a window peek stare
And yer good friend leaves and he's long gone a-flying
And yer heart feels sick like when you see Obi-Won dyein'
And yer cap falls from yer head to yer feet
And you need it badly but it layin’ on the street
And yer stereo a bangin' loudly but you can't hear its beat

Or yer eye’s turned filthy from the eye blindin’ dirt
And you figured you failed in yesterdays rush
When you were faked out an' fooled while facing a four flush
And all the time you were holdin' three kings
And it's makin you mad, it's makin' you mean
Like in the middle of People magazine
Bouncin' around this crazy scene
And there's something on yer mind you wanna be saying
That somebody someplace oughta be hearin'
But it's trapped on yer tongue and sealed in yer mind
And it bothers you badly when your layin' in line
And no matter how you try you just can't say it
And yer scared to yer soul you just might forget it
And yer heart get heavy from the fears in yer head
And yer pillows of feathers turn to blankets of lead
And the sarlac mouth opens and yer staring at his teeth
And his jaws start closin with you underneath
And you wish you'd never taken that last one way sign
And you say to yourself just what am I doin', what am I sayin’
On this line I'm walkin', on this sidewalk I'm keepin'
On this place that I'm hanging
On this pathway I'm strolling, in the space I'm taking
In this line that I’m a waitin’
Am I mixed up too much, am I mixed up too hard
Why am I waiting, where am I going
What am I doin’, what am I knowing
In this place that I’m waitin’ all the time drinkin'
Who am I helping, what am I breaking
What am I giving, what am I taking
But you try with your whole soul best
Never to think these thoughts and never to let
These kind of thoughts gain ground
Or make yer heart pound
But then again you know why they're around
Just waiting for a chance to come up and drop down
"Cause sometimes you hear'em when the demons comes creepin’
And you fear that they might catch you a-sleepin’
And you jump from yer bed, from yer last chapter of dreamin'
And you can't remember for the best of yer thinkin’
If that was you in the dream that was screamin’
And you know that it's something special you're needin'
And you know that there's no drug that'll do for the healin'
And no liquor in the land to stop yer brain from bleedin’
And you need something special
Yeah, you need something special all right
You need a fast flyin' ship on a death star track
and hearin’ your friend voice sayin’ I got your back
And you know you will be rollin' long after the cinerama craze
You need someone to open up a new door
To show you something you seen before
But overlooked a hundred times or more
You need someone to open your eyes
You need someone to make it known
That it's you and no one else that owns
That spot that yer standing, that space that yer sitting
That the world ain't got you beat
That it ain't got you licked
It can't get you crazy no matter how many
Times you might get kicked
You need something special all right
You need someone special to give you hope
But hope's just a word
That maybe you said or maybe you heard
On some windy corner 'round a wide-angled curve

But that's what you need man, and you need it bad
Cause you look, and you start getting the chills

Cause you can't find it on a dollar bill
And it ain't on Bon-Macy’s window sill
And it ain't in no frat boys fraternity house
And it ain't made in no Hollywood movie
And it ain't on the radio
With that half-wit disc-jockey
Ranting and raving and taking yer money
And you thinks it's funny
No you can't find it in no fight club or no local pub
And it ain't in the seats of a Hunt club
And sure as hell you're bound to tell
That no matter how hard you rub
You just ain't a-gonna find it on yer ticket stub
No, and it ain't in the rumors people're tellin' you
And it ain't in the figures Lucas is sellin' you
And it ain't in no botox
Or down Natalie Portman’s blouse
And you can't find it on the golf course
And father can't tell you and neither can Yoda
And it ain't in the Lando hair-do or Jedi robes
And it ain't in the bar room dummies or drug dealin’ phonies
And it ain't in the late night noises and the morning show voices
That come knockin' and tappin' in Hollywood wrappin'
Sayin' ain't I pretty and ain't I cute and look at my skin
Look at my skin shine, look at my skin glow
Look at my skin laugh, look at my skin cry
When you can't even sense if they got any insides
These people so pretty with their cameras and micro-phones
No you'll not know now, or no other day
Or find it on the doorsteps made out-a paper mache´
And inside the people made of plastic
That every other day buy a new pair of sunglasses
And it ain't in the four-star movie stars and flipped-out phonies
Who'd turn yuh in for a quick story
Who breathe and burp and bend and crack
And before you can count from one to ten
Do it all over again but this time behind yer back
My friend
The ones that wheel and deal and whirl and twirl
And play games with each other in their out-sourced world
And you can't find it either in the no-talent fools
That run around and flaunt it
And make all rules for the ones that got talent
And it ain't in the ones that ain't got any talent but think they do
And think they're foolin' you
The ones who jump on the wagon
Just for a while 'cause they know it's in style
To get their kicks, get out of it quick
And make all kinds of money and chicks
And you yell to yourself and you throw down yer hat
Sayin', "Shit do I gotta be like that
Ain't there no one here that knows where I'm at
Ain't there no one here that knows how I feel
Good God Almighty

No but that ain't yer game, it ain't even yer pod-race
You can't hear yer name, you can't see yer face
You gotta look some other place
And where do you look for this hope that yer seekin'
Where do you look for this cigarette that's a-burnin'
Where do you look for this beer that’s a flowin'
Where do you look for this sign that's glowin'
Where do you look for this hope that you know is there
And out there somewhere
And your feet can only walk down two kinds of roads
Your eyes can only look through two kinds of windows
And you can only wait in two kinds of lines
And take two kinds of pills
You can either go to the church of your choice
Or you can go to Cinerama
You'll find God in the church of your choice
You'll find John Guth at the Cinerama

And though it's only my opinion
I may be right or wrong
You'll find them both
On Tatooine at sundown

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Great Historical Bum

I'm just a lonesome traveler, the great historical bum
Highly educated, out of history I've come
I built the Rock of Ages, it was in the year of One
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I was in the Garden of Eden, that was the year of Two
Joined the Apple Pickers Union, and I always paid my dues
I'm the man that signed the contract to raise the Rising Sun
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I was straw boss on the pyramids, the Tower of Babel, too
I opened up the ocean, let the migrant children through
I fought a million battles and I never lost a one
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I licked the daring Roman, I licked the daring Turk
Defeated Nero's army, boys, with thirty minutes' work
I fought a million battles and I never lost a one
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I was in the Revolution that set this country free
Me and a couple o' Indians, we dumped the Boston tea
I fought the battle of Valley Forge and the battle of Bully Run
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

There was a man across the ocean, I guess you know him well
His name was Adolph Hitler, God damn his soul to hell
We kicked him in the panzers and put him on the run
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I waited for star wars, for one hundred and thirtynine days
just to see that movie come.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Post Coming Soon

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In The Year 2000

In the year 2000...
Jeff Tweiten sees the last Star Wars movie and now can get a life.

Not Pictured

Sorry to all, some of the pictures didn't turn out. what you missed was the 3 lap parking lot pod race. the smoldering ewok rolling down the hill and saying Nub Nub.

Wampa Takes Luke Down. yes they hit the ground. and then the girls with legs wide open. miss quotes and says "can you smell anything"

ATAT taken down by tow cable

Jar Jar meets Qui-Gon

Star Wars Fans Have Their Day

364 days of the year star wars fans get mocked, but not today. Today non star wars fans had to acted out scenes for star wars for us. the poor people don't know what they where in for.

Front of the Line

Front of the Line

Cinerama Line

Cinerama Line

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Morning Sidewalk

Waking up on a Sunday morning sidewalk; wish lord that I was home. I got very little sleep last night. Thanks to all the high school kids on their prom night, Screaming and shouting and generally causing a ruckus. Left me with little to no sleep for the past few days. I will say this; I couldn’t take my eye of the Warwick for about 8 hours. It was a cross between girls gone wild and the OC. Guy yelling and wanting to fight each other for the honor of their dates; who could have cared less about this, because they where to busy flash every one who walk by on the streets. Bet TV ever.
On another note the rumor about not being able to camp out is just not true so come on down. If you have any questions about when to line up please stop on by.
Four days till and republic falls and an empire will rise.
Vader baby, Vader.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Show you love for Vader washington;-) and get a tee.

The line Has started

Just to let every one know the line has started in front of the Old Cineram. so pull out that old star wars blanket and get on down. it's just a few of us right now, but who know how many will be here when you read this.